Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This is what defines random

I am bored...I do have to things to do, documents to finish and send, interviews to study for. And yet... I am here. Typing away at my beloved blog. :)
God...I really don't have anything to write right now. Quite sad it is. Most of the day, I spend at office looking at random sites. I learnt a lot about Global Warming. Did you know that global warming affects the women the worst. Its coz they are involved in the agricultural sector which gets affected the most because of weather changes which could lead to increased pests, change in rainfall patterns etc. 
Anyway, the thing I realized was that there is so much stuff out there on the internet. You can find anything on everything. Damn...
And its not that I ever questioned the power of the internet. Its just that it was never this useful to me when I needed to kill some time. I never needed to kill time before this. On campus, I used to just go to Sneha's room and start gossiping or find someone on gtalk to talk to. But alas, with gtalk not available in the office, I can't do that. 
Gtalk is an amazing thing. I mean people put up anything and everything that goes on in their heads. They prefer to congratulate people with a status message. They write out their favorite song or food or any other thing. Some people even display the playlist which is currently playing on their laptops. I mean, even I do it. Not the playlist usually. I generally search and try and find some funny thing to put up as my status. I know...lame...very very lame. But its a brilliant way to kill time at 3 in the morning. :)
Actually now people have started doing these things on facebook. My condolences gtalk. Its only facebook deprived people of my campus who still regularly update their gtalk statuses. :)
I am going to go now. take a bath hopefully.
The weather is awesome out here. :D Cloudy with a slight hint of sunlight.
I like today's holiday. :)
Happy Eid to all of you out there. Its a wonderful day to celebrate a festival. Any festival.
Next weekend we will be shifting houses. I am going to miss this house. For the awesome view of marine drive. And the sea with the clouds over it.
Waiting for the new house.
The Rambler

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