Sunday, February 20, 2011

On a sunday

Happy Sunday to everyone out there. The sun is setting where I stay and so are my plans of washing my hair today. Its just too cold anyway. And the tea is making me feel all warm and content, so I really don't wanna mess that up.
Anyway, I was at some lecture today where they were talking about Naxalism and I was so infuriated during the lecture while I heard how even the media was influenced into presenting Naxal supporting incidents. Maybe the lecturer was anti Naxal, but what he said made sense. While the arrest of Binayak Sen made worldwide news, with Amartya Sen condemning it, attacks on trains by Naxals...well I haven't heard them. Have you?
Its quite sad what has happened to a movement that was at one point of time ideological.
The lecture was highly informative. I mean I am from West Bengal. Thats the state where Naxalbari is located, the place where it all started. But, embarrassingly I didn't know much about it. Till today that is.
I learnt about the Sangam and the Dalam and how strong the movement is in Telangana. And why it is not so strong in Rayalaseema. Both in Andhra Pradesh btw.
I learnt about their tactics. Basically about the Mao strategy. Very informative. But it also made me very furious. Thank god, I had the time gap of a train ride back home and some more lectures on the Posco deal, etc. Else this would have been a pretty furious post. I mean, I was really really pissed. But I guess, I am just looking at it from one side.
I don't think I should attend such lectures. Pretty easy for me to get annoyed at people. :P
But the prime minister does say that this is the single biggest threat to India. So, that's gotta count for something.
In other news, I traveled by train today after a long long time. I noticed there are so many women with nose rings or nose studs or atleast have pierced noses.  WOW
Must be a marathi/ gujju tradition. Then it makes sense. :)
I want a tattoo someday. (My parents probably shouldn't read this. :P)
Anyway, I shall return to my interview preparations and brace myself for more rejections. KILL ME NOW ALREADY!!!!
Waiting to celebrate my parents anniversary on Saturday and meet Sneha on Sunday.
Waiting to be finally done with everything
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