Sunday, February 20, 2011

Funny things

Funny thing...
1. I am off campus and people are still asking me for gossip. Even I ain't that good. (I just typed this out to Varun and I like it so I am putting it up here. :P)
2. Sneha is forgetting gossip since apparently I am not there on campus anymore and she has no one to gossip too.
3. People stand in my corridor and remember me. (I am sure they are bitching about me. :P)
4. My parents refuse to believe I used to sleep at 10 and wake up at 3. My corridor people can bear testimony to the fact that I did. But alas, the evidence is back on campus
5. People from my campus refuse to believe I sleep at 12 past nowadays. (At least Miloni is going to be happy about this, especially from the point of view of my kids. )
Ah well...I am going to stop coz I just started feeling guilty that I haven't really got any work done. So sayonara and adios.
Waiting for the next set of funny things
The Rambler

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