Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new day

Good morning or rather afternoon. I just noticed it was already 12. I have hardly got any work done. Which is kinda sad.
I have oily hair, am still in yesterday night's clothes and have to take a bath. And yet, here I am. Sitting and typing away. To seek some comfort from the soothing noise of typing against the noise of the boat which is going out to catch some fish. Oh...I just looked out. Its coming back from the sea.
Th orange flag fluttering in delightful abandon against the green sea. Strains of Kaskade playing in the background and the whirring of the fans.
I just finished a hot cup of tea with ginger. And just sat down to get some work done. But I think, a post is what the soul needed. :)
Why the hell am I being so philosophical? Maybe its Kaskade or maybe its the meditative state of the green sea. Or maybe the slight heat of the 12 o'clock sun is cradling me to a doze. I don't know. Maybe I have become delirious after having my morning tea.
Ah well, I shall go back to getting some work done.
Waiting for my next delirium
The Rambler

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