Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mature? I hope not

When will I ever start behaving like an adult?
Already legal, will I develop the acuity of one?
I hope never ever that happens
From that day I shall, I would definitely run

I won't stop asking my mother what clothes to wear
I won't stop being immature and puerile
I will throw tantrums when and how I please
To stay a kid, I will pass that extra mile

I will continue to see magic in things and places
I will continue to dance freely as I please
From the bondage of being a grown up
I will rightfully demand my utter free release

I will see the good in people around me
I will believe the world will be good and kind
I will look at rainbows and squeal in delight
In even the smallest thing, joy I shall find

I will still see the sunbeam, filtering through my hair
I will keep my hair unkempt, uncombed, in disarray
I will kiss my parents goodnight, every night I can
And play in the July rain or the scorching sun of May

Am I mature? I hope not for my sake
Am I delusional? I hope these delusions don't go away
Am I scared? Of not being able to be a child
But worries I will lose and be a child today

The Rambler