Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I simply love ghee…otherwise known as clarified butter or something like that. It is the single most delicious thing to have. Cook anything in ghee and it will do wonders to that dish. I agree that it is not too good for your waistline and your heart. But the satisfaction one gets after having ghee mixed with rice with fried really thin potato slivers.

Just the other day, I was having ghee, rice and some cabbage preparation. OH MY GOD!!!!! I was in heaven. Just the addition of such a simple thing as ghee just brought that simple dish to life.
GO HAVE GHEE. All those health conscious people cooking parathas in olive oil and having boiled rice without ghee. Screw the fattening effects of Ghee. Go work out in the gym for an extra half hour. Atleast you can taste the awesomeness that Ghee is.
Parathas cooked in ghee… WOW!!! And you could top it with some freshly made sweet white butter and you are set to have the best breakfast ever.
Anyway, I can’t have too much Ghee. Am getting too fat. Sigh… So I am having some Lindt dark chocolate. I know, I know… too bad I am with keeping my waist within limits. But I promise, once we shift to the new house, I’ll start running and all. Till then, I shall keep eating and make myself fat.
Till my next dollop of Ghee
The Rambler

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