Friday, November 12, 2010

okay... much for keeping my blog up to date... A year it has been again. Maybe I should make this an annual event. Then maybe I might start writing regularly. Nyah... don't think so. Too lazy to take up something serious like a blog. But i think I shall add one more reminder to my numerous other reminders, which i generally ignore.
Anyway, nothing great or life changing has happened to me in the last one year. Except the trip to London which I was allowed to make on my own. :D And a sudden fascination for Chuck Bass and everything lace. Ok...Maybe Chuck Bass isn't a new fascination but Lace certainly is.
So...I shall dedicate this post to my two loves at the moment... Gossip Girl and Lace. And they intermix in the latest gossip girl episode with the dress that Serena wears... What a dress. But more about that later...
LACE... where do i even begin? It is the most heavenly of man's creations... Needle Lace from Burano or Bobbin Lace from Brussels...I love them all. I love lace on dresses and i love it on shoes. U give me anything with lace and there is a high probability that I will buy it. Its after all LACE... and FYI my favorite kind is needle lace. (For all those who want to send me gifts... :D)
Coming to the dress that Serena (Blake Lively) wore on the latest episode of gossip girl... The Zuhair Murad that Serena wore to the ballet was a complete knockout... It was everything that I could wish for in dress. Maybe I am partial to the dress coz of all the lace in it... But then I can't imagine anyone not liking it. And don't think that I am crazy about lace and I only purchase and like things with Lace in it. I like other things too. Like the J Mendel dress Blair wore on War at the Roses or the Victoria Beckham dress that Blair (Leighton Meester) wore on Easy J... wow what a dress... so simple yet so beautiful. In fact, she looked so good in that outfit with the red hair against the beige of the dress. But more about that dress in some other post...maybe.
But yeah...if I could, I would probably fill up my entire cupboard with everything lace. :D

Moving over to Gossip Girl... I really don't understand why I am hooked on the show. I mean its not the kind of tv show I watch. But then I can't seem to stop watching it. I have to admit I am addicted to the show. And the worst part is everyone seems to agree that I am Gossip Girl addict. :(
The best part about the show is CHUCK BASS... His character is extremely addictive. And I love Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf together or at war...sigh...
High doses of drama and bitchy behavior make the show worth watching. And to top it, the show showcases some of the best fashion on TV. Since it is about the UES, its not quite a surprise to see such good fashion on the show. The clothes, the jewellery, the shoes... I love it all. And I wish I could have it all...But right now I am just happy looking at it. :D
Well... That's about it. I don't think I am going to go much longer about these two... And i reiterate... I am not obsessed with either... Just a huge fan :D
In other news... this was my last sem on campus... And i think I annoyed pretty much everyone on campus by posting status messages about how I didn't have exams while they did. I leave this campus on 1st Dec... so to all of you out there... Sayonara
till my next post...
As she says it
The Rambler
p.s. the shoes are valentino pumps...I would love to own a pair

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