Tuesday, November 16, 2010

from bombay

Ah well... I am in Bombay right now... and I had the most heavenly Blueberry cheesecake from Theobroma. It was simply divine. Sadly it was just a slice... :(
2 more days till CAT...sigh.
I am actually glad. The thing will be over and so will the sem eventually and I can go meet my cousins. :D
Yeah...Thats something I like.
Haven't been able to wake up early for quite a few days...quite sad. I am never able to wake up early at home. I blame it on the bed and not my laziness. Its just not possible for my laziness to increase by such a huge amount at home.
I feel like the lazy cat in the pic. Except I don't need the beer or the TV to feel that lazy.

I wish I could be like Calvin and Hobbes in the summer. All they do is laze around.
 I really love reading Calvin and Hobbes. It makes me laugh and smile and just feel so happy after reading it.
And poor poor Calvin's parents. No wonder his dad comes up with the most inane of concoctions to explain Calvin's questions. His poor mother...How can she still have all the hair on her head with a child like Calvin.
But then I can't get enough of Calvin and Hobbes. Its quite addictive. Maybe I should get another of their books. Its so much fun to read and its something one can read over and over again.

If I am talking about laziness, it would be sacrilege to leave Garfield out of that conversation. Its amazing how such an obnoxious being can also be so adorable. I mean its really fun to read about the way he troubles Jon and Odie. Also, I really really wish I could eat the amount he does. sigh... And my fascination for Lasagne has grown all thanks to this fat feline being. I mean there's no way I could handle a pet like Garfield and trust me, it has more to do with the fact that he is troublesome than with the fact that I am a dog person (I think). But then, I don't mind him troubling Jon. :P. As the cat famous for hating Mondays, he has made me look forward to them, coz the newspapers doesn't carry the Garfield strip on Sundays.

From CAT to a fictional feline character... wow, can I ramble. Maybe I should do something worthwhile. Once in a while. Or maybe not. Who cares
Signing off
Waiting for Nov 20th
The Rambler

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