Thursday, November 25, 2010


Have a presentation to present but am feeling very lazy. All I am waiting for is Saturday, when I can go have nice sweet fish. I love the fact that I was born a bong solely for the fact that I learnt to appreciate fish.
I wasn't always such a huge fan of seafood. But once converted, I haven't been able to give up on it. The sole reason I cannot turn vegetarian is SEAFOOD.
I know the poor fish are creatures who live and is prolly immoral to eat them. But then I never asked them to be so tasty.
I could easily give up meats of different kinds but seafood...don't even ask me.
Well, this ain't a long post. One of the many smaller posts that I will post while attempting to finish my presentation.
Should get to work.
Waiting for Saturday
The Rambler

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