Saturday, November 13, 2010


Good morning
Its 10 minutes to 5 in the morning. The hostel is empty and desolate. I think pretty much everyone is sleeping. I've just finished my cup of tea and thinking of what to do next. So instead of studying I choose to write a post. I am working on another post about chefs but am too lazy to work on that right now.
I like the wispy breeze of the morning which filters in through the window. I like the silence where all I can hear is the sound of me typing of the keyboard. Its soothing.
I go home today. For seven days. Should be fun. Home always is.
Mornings are usually later at home because my days also end later. But I like the early mornings at home too. As I sit beside my window, watching the sky get brighter slowly, I am captivated. At times I think I like these little things about nature too much. But then, can you blame me for it? The morning sunrise when accompanied with the cold silence, is the most relaxing thing. As I look out of my room, I see the dark water of the seas gain color.
My favorite mornings are the ones when its cloudy. The black clouds combined with the grey waters make it such a beautiful sight. And then there are the fishermen boats. They add to the otherwise dull color scheme with their bright reds and powerful yellows.
I love sitting by my window at home and watching the sun rise and add color to the dark.
Sometimes the water recedes and I can see the brown sand. I see kids and fishermen scurrying around to take the fish that are lying on the wet sand. And then as the sun rises and the day progresses, the water comes in and the fishermen return to their boats.
People go for walks early morning. I can see them walking/jogging on Marine Drive. All striving to provide themselves with a healthy life. Maybe I should also do it. Or maybe not. I do like to get some some exercise, but find running/walking too boring. I would rather play something. And I would rather spend the sunrise looking at the sunrise and enjoying it rather than exercising.
My previous post was about dusk. I still maintain, dusk is my favorite time of the day. But then sunrise has its own appeal. After all, its the first phase of the day once you are awake.
Its 10 minutes past 5 now. I should get going. Sunrise is usually around 6. So shall wait and see traces of it through my window.

As the morning tries to hold on
To the last strands of the night
The gentle heat of the morning sun
Makes sunrise a soothing sight

The leaves turn from black to green
Some color outside my square window
Its not something I haven't seen
But yet something that I can't igno'

Waiting for sunrise
The Rambler

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