Saturday, November 13, 2010


The weather outside is beautiful. The orange atmosphere is inspiring and soothing at the same time. While I sit in my dark room with just the table lamp on, I can't help being mesmerized by the orange of this 6 o'clock sun.
Its not the deep orange of the later dusk nor the bright yellow of the fiery afternoon. Its this nice mellow in between. And if you stay outside for the entire duration you won't even realize as the yellow fades away and is replaced by a deeper, redder orange and as the orange gives way to the final darkness of the night.
The leaves of the Banana tree outside my window seem to have acquired a different shade of green. They have been cleaned from the rain in the afternoon. The afternoon rain is another one of my favorite things that nature produces. Just when the afternoon heat has gone beyond what one can bear, does the rain come in soothing the heated ground and the frayed nerves.
The sky is acquiring a deeper orange as I type this out. The last traces of yellow remain in the sky. Actually, even those seem to have disappeared. Its orange. Dusk is finally here. Soon it'll be evening and then night and then the morning after and time for me to return home.
People like dawn. I prefer the dusk. Its the time of the day when you are tired and the soothing change in color can soothe and erase the tension of an otherwise hectic day. Dawn fires us for the upcoming day. Dusk rejuvenates us. There is a certain element of romance in dusk which appeals to the poet in me.
The sky is a deep orange now. More like a blood orange. Soon the sky will become dark with the last traces of orange and red drawn on the black sky with the help of a pencil. The sky turns a deeper shade with each passing second. A hue of purple seems to be ingraining itself into the sky. More like indigo. Sometimes I wonder if I just imagine these colors. But to me, these colors make dusk the most beautiful time of the day for me. I love the progression from the bright yellow to the dark black.
Its getting dark now... I think I should switch the lights back on. Maybe get some work done. But I still want to hold on the last traces of dusk till it is too dark to see the green of the Banana leaves outside my window. I want to wait till the leaves become black and intermix with the darkness around them.
Waiting for tomorrow's dusk
The Rambler


Anant said...

ok.. you gotta stop calling urself that - a rambler. This is so perfectly described, almost as if I am there ( "almost" is there for a reason).
And as to why you like dusk, a lot of people would too after reading this.
Beautiful. Period :)
makes me want to come back to goa again.

fight for all the wrong reasons said...

Thank you :)