Monday, November 29, 2010

bai bai

I am waiting for gossip girl to come and hence this post. 
ah well...3.5 years of campus life comes to an end tomorrow. To all those who care, bye and to all those who don't, bye as well.
But this isn't going to be a sad emotional moving to tears post, mainly because I don't think I will be able to write that stuff. But also because its no fun writing it. Unless I'm all sad and shit.
It's been an eventful campus life to say the least. I've found new friends, lost some and regained some. But there are some very rich experiences that I will be taking away from campus life and I just thought that I would write them down somewhere. So that when I'm old and wrinkly and I read this, then it can bring a smile to my wrinkled face.
1. Singing love songs and scandalizing people with Liza
2. Going for fish to Bonnie's with Rameez and Syam.
3.Discussing Top Chef with Salil and everything under the sun with Sneha.
4. My occasional visits to the night canteen.
5. Pissing everyone off by switching off the lights at 10 in the night in the corridor.
6. Making coffee and making Lakshmy drink it.
7. Listening to Rachana ramble.
8. Asking loads of people to wake me up.
9. Playing with Priya's blue pillow.
10. Cleaning my room...occasionally and learning to use the broom from Malvika.
11. Waking people up :D
12. Cursing a certain someone with Pooja.
13. Trying to get Venkat to treat me.
14. Sitting in ENI classes with Ann and Mounika.
15. Gtalk on campus and facebook in the holidays.
blargh... I'm bored. I don't think I can write anymore than that. But I thank all thee who were present during the various periods in my life. Campus life wouldn't have been same. I don't know if it was for the better or the worse but nevertheless it was always fun.
All the campus gossip made it totally worth it. And I owe to this campus my love for Gossip Girl. If I hadn't come to this campus, I don't know if I would've know or fallen in love with the Chuck Bass. So thank you. And thank you also for the innumerable shows that I have been introduced to and have grown to love/like/dislike.
Ah well, I leave tomorrow. To all those who care, bye and to all those who don't, bye as well.
Don't expect me to write a poem about campus life. Ain't that bored. Actually I am but I can't find the creative streak in me right never mind.
As I say it,
Waiting for... I don't know what...I guess Gossip Girl
The Rambler

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