Tuesday, December 21, 2010

half boiled egg

ahhhh...the joys of eating an half boiled egg. The goeyness, the creaminess...I love it.
Such a simple thing to prepare (I am presuming but its always my mom who cooks so I wouldn't know) But so utterly delicious...sighhhhhhh
Yes...I haven't posted for quite sometime...Was busy...apologies
But then the post I make after so long is about something as delicious as a half boiled egg. :D
Was in Nagpoor with cousins and the amazing Nagpoor santras there. That's oranges for those who are worse at hindi that I am.
But I had the most amazing time in your city Priya...I loved every second of it... the cold, the warm morning sun, the santras, the unlimited starters at V5, the spicy pani puri, hot alu tikki chat and the warming jalebis at Poonam Chambers.
Was a fun time...
But back to my original post about a half boiled egg. Can there be anything more heart warming or satisfying than a half boiled egg? Maybe a cup of my favorite tea... But egg...and especially a half boiled egg...sighhhhh
Egg in all forms is pretty tasty to eat...agreed...but there is something so fulfilling about the half boiled egg...
I guess I have rambled enough for the day...that too about the half boiled egg. Only thing left to do is write a love poem for a half boiled egg...maybe i'll do that
Signing off
Drinking a hot cup of good tea after the extremely satisfying breakfast of a half boiled egg.
The Rambler

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