Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The non tourist on the train

Ah well...I went on the bombay local train. Traveled from Churchgate to Andheri and didn't get my hair pulled out or lynched as my mom had feared. So...All in all a pretty successful trip. And OH... I got to see the Tourist.
Two good looking people, Depp and Jolie. But I expected more chemistry. And the story was kinda of predictable. But nevertheless, I didn't start pondering about the loopholes till after the movie.
Also met Raghu after a long time. He's as tall as ever. :)
In other news I have started going to the gym. Not one of my favorite things. Nowadays the only clothes I feel comfortable in are my Pyjamas. Remember girls, It's time to hit the gym when you start spending most of your time in your PJs.
Or you could diet...But that's a really awful thing to do. I guess I think it's awful coz I love eating too much. I really have a hard time choosing between sloth and gluttony. :(
Anyway, to each his own.
I am having two sins keep me company this year end. What about you?
Oh and a belated Christmas.
Till sloth goes on a break
The Rambler

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