Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not an ideal citizen

Supraja Subramanian...let's go see tourist :D
Johnny Depp :-*
Yup...tomo i go to see tourist...and I ride the local train :D two big events
I do have to study for XAT, but i'd rather sit in the dark and moan about the fact that I have to study for XAT than actually do it. Or play bubblespinner... Sneha is so damn close to beating my score >.<


Plum Cake :-* Can't decide which one I love more... Plum cake or Johnny Depp.
Anyway, during a conversation with Mekala, I just realised that I ain't an ideal citizen...I HAVEN'T TAKEN PART IN ANY ANDOLAN OR MORCHA (that's a strike for all those hindi illiterates out there.)
Sad state of affairs...
Actually I didn't have much to write about in this blog... so sad. sighhhh
I think the entire purpose of writing an entry for this was to not study. Ah well...never mind.
In other news...I miss Gossip Girl... with only top chef to watch nowadays and masterchef australia on tv...I REALLY miss Gossip Girl and I REALLY REALLY miss CHUCK BASS. Jan 24th is SOOOOOOOOOOOO far away.
Oh well...hopefully tomorrow will be an interesting day to write about. Hope so...
Looking forward to meeting Raghu and Prajju
The Rambler

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