Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hello again...

There's no electricity in the hostel. I hate it when electricity goes. Especially when my laptop has next to no charge. Ah well... The things we deal with. Atleast the geyser was working.
Yeah...I feel like whining. And since I can't disturb Sneha... I am whining on my blog. Best of luck to her for her DECO exam today.
Sigh...I am really bored. Maybe I should get one of those, "life" they call it I think. But then why waste so much cash when one can just sleep instead.
There are ants near my window. Must be the rum and the raisin that I am eating. Wonder if they walk straight when drunk. Maybe I should empty the Eucalyptus oil bottle on them. Moov works as an effective ant repellant. But I am out of Moov right now. Sigh. The hardships I face everyday.
Ah brilliant... The lan is cut off as well. What a wonderful morning. Atleast I am going home.
I am sleepy... I think. Or just plain lazy.
I officially have nothing to do now since I'll have to shut my comp in a few minutes... How very brilliant.
Waiting for some light
The Rambler

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