Saturday, November 14, 2009

well well well

yea...long long time and no see.
i was watching julie and julia the other day and got to thinking when was the last time that i had posted...and realised... almost a year...
sad state of affairs for my blog, lying neglected and stuff...
anyway, things have changed since i last took a look at my blog.
for one, my typing speed has increased...feels so awesome to be able to type fast w/o looking at the keyboard much... :D
also number of people on my gtalk list has increased...hell, i must be getting more popular, if thats even possible...
one thing hasnt changed though..still lack a sense of modesty.
i dont actually have anything to type out right now, and i dont know whether i will be able to keep up the postings...but shall try
do i really have anything substantial to present in this post????
i dont think so, but once in a while its kinda relaxing to just type out irrelevant stuff, just admiring one's awesome typing speed
apart from the regular stuff like watching gossip girl ( i just cant get enough of chuck bass)...i've seen KK perform...
what a performer...
on another note (a sad one) sem got extended till christmas
sucks big time
really wanna go home and stay at home...
hate having such long sems...
well since i dont have anything to say, i shall go back to studying consys... watch my sister's keeper...i was crying buckets
after stepmom, this is the only other movie that has been able to make me cry this much...
sad that both of them dealt with cancer
but seriously, go watch the movie
signing off
wasting time away
the rambler

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