Tuesday, September 9, 2008

loooooooong time

a long long time since i've actually spent time on my precious blog...but what to do no...nothing to report or crib about...
actually i don't have anything to write about now also, but i was feeling guilty about neglecting my precious blog...therefore, i am going to spend some quality time with my blog...a maximum of 10 mins coz after that i gotta run for a lec...
well, i am happy and content now...devina gave me this awesome chivda that her mom makes and it has this aloo(for those of u who are worse at hindi than i am...its potato) thingies(weird word...but very prevalent)...which are really nice. the chivda in itself is very tasty...(btw, chivda is a gujju snack...i think)
i've been irritating people talking to them about balloo...completely pissed rameez off one day...lakshmy says that its below her dignity to talk to a stuffed bear...so she doesn't. liza calls him balu...and before u get mixed up, he's the bear from jungle book, not the flying one.
i learnt jive...4 weeks...i didn't realise how soon time passed by. had great fun. got these red shoes and kept threatening venkat that i would poke his feet with those shoes...should have...sheesh, missed oppurtunity
i seriously wish that u wouldn't read all the jabbering that i'm doing in this post...not worth reading. go read some of my better articles...seriously
why the hell did i even consider writing this piece of utter crap...c'mon...all i'm doing is talking about a cute stuffed bear and what i had for snacks.
i've also joined abhigyan...its this initiative where u teach the underpriviledged sections of the society...but the kids i'm supposed to teach hardly ever turn up. i wonder if they absolutely and completely hate me...but i'm not that much of a bitch now, am i?
shall be going home for durga puja...so yay. hope i can enjoy it a lot and eat a lot...
okay, now i gtg
signing off
the rambler

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