Saturday, August 9, 2008

tornado of deceit

lost in the haze of destiny
i wandered away listlessly
i walked till i stumbled upon the lake
where the truth dwell in the wake

i looked at it with all my eyes and ears
till it brought to them tears
i couldn't take the truth for what it was
and ran away as fas'

time was past since i had given in
i became part of the sin
this world of deceit engulfed me
the truth in the shroud of lies, i see

it was too much to take
too much of a trouble to rake
it was best forgotten
and live with the sin

as i walked away
i heard its cry say,
"let me be free
from the bonds of destiny"

how could i,
a puppet at this game of lie
free it and let it go
when i was still to know

i stood there before it
agony on my face writ
while i tried to drag myself
away from the truth itself

it was tough
the going was rough
the lies besieged me
they never could leave thee

then i lost
my soul was what it cost
and though i decided to fight fate
it was too late

the truth was gone forever
in the worlds beyond yonder
lost, never to return
in the sands of the lost urn

The Rambler

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