Thursday, August 7, 2008

my thoughts on the drama at the parliament...

into the realm of despondency, the country will step
in the gloom of despair, the country will weep
in the fire of shame, the country will burn
into the shadow of corruption, the country will creep

the world will laugh, at the satire that the country has become
the world will see the farce, the country is displaying
the world will discuss the news, the country has created
the world will watch, as the drama is unfolding

the country lies at the mercy of those
from whom(probably) money is the only motivator
the country has descended to a pathos
there exists no longer a fit minister

this poem was written by me on the spur of the moment while i was watching the entire nuke deal debate...and i absolutely loved omar abdullah's and pranab mukherjee's speeches...and of course the irrepressible lalu prasad...
anyway, when the money was brought out, i felt so ashamed that this drama is unfolding in the parliament of my my country...i don't know who to believe, but i hope that this will be the last event of this sorts...

The Rambler

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