Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday afternoon

Well, I don't have any substantial matter to dwell upon right now. So I am just going to be...I dunno... rambling?
Lets put whats going on inside my head down in points. Since this is after all a systematic record of the chaos inside my head. :)
1. Gossip Girl starts day after... finally!
2. I don't wanna work right now
3. I am sleepy
4. I should finish my 3000 piece puzzle.
5. I should finish reading all the unread mails in all my mail boxes
6. I should write some poems
7. I should comb my hair
8. I need some new songs to listen to
9. I shouldn't waste time on a Sunday on nonconstructive activities like Blogging
10.  I should read more books
11.  Gossip Girl starts day after

11 points... coz 10 are just not enough :P
P.S. Please make Blair get engaged to Chuck
Ah well,
Off to find something useful to do on this rather lazy and bright Sunday afternoon
The Rambler

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