Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chefs whose food I would love to taste

This post was in the making for quite some time...with all the time that I spend watching all the shows such as Top chef and the TLC channel... So here goes:
1. Hubert Keller: I have to have the $5000 burger that he makes... And I have to go to Fluer de Lys. I recently read on Wikipedia that he's an accomplished A dj who can cook. What more can there be to life apart from good food and good music.
2. Joël Robuchon: The chef of the century. Of course he has to feature in this list. It would be incomplete with him. The chef with 26 Michelin stars, the highest for any chef. He has to definitely feature in my list. Though he says there is no such thing as a perfect meal, I'm sure his' comes pretty close to it. 
3. Daniel Boulud: I saw him on Top Chef on a particular snail challenge. I dunno. Made me very curious about his food. 
4. Thomas Keller: French Laundry. Period. 
5. Gordon Ramsay: I fell in love with this guy when I started watching Hell's Kitchen. And I know he is really not the most good looking guy on earth, but I have a crush on him. Also, the fact that he ain't too bad a cook gives him brownie points. :P But, yeah. His food is something I would love to taste. I came pretty close to tasting it at Heathrow, but then I went ahead and spent all the remainder of my money on chocolates. So meh. 
6. Guy Savoy: He was one of the first names I heard when my curiosity about food and chefs was increasing. Well, anyway, I gotta eat food cooked by him at the Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris. 
7. Mario Batali: Another name that was mentioned during Julie and Julia, albeit for just a fleeting second. But nevertheless, many internet searches and surfs later, he makes an appearance on this list. 
8. Jacques Pepin: Did you know he has an MA from Columbia? WOW. And he is a brilliant chef, from what I've read. Have to eat food cooked by him!
9. Wolfgang Puck: Saw him on Top Chef. Looked him up on the internet. Knew I had to taste food cooked by him.
10. Julia Child: I know its not possible. But hey...everyone can dream. I learnt about Julia Child after the movie Julie and Julia. And it was prolly the movie which made me want to taste her food. :)
11. René Redzepi: Well, the list wouldn't be complete without the chef at Noma. I have to eat at the restaurant to be ranked No.1 in 2010.
12. Heston Blumenthal: I saw him on Master Chef Australia recently and I was quite in awe. For someone so famous, he was quite humble. And his food...oh god. And even though the idea of eating snails completely grosses me out, his snail porridge looked quite delectable. 
13. Ferran Adrià i Acosta: Last heard El Bulli was closing. This is heartbreaking news for me. I won't get to taste the food of the restaurant that has been ranked No.1 for a record 5 times. Woe betide me!!! :'(
14. Hemant Oberoi: Wasabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P Well, its the only one which won't cost me airfare. Only problem is to convince my parents to have raw seafood. 
15 Iron Chef Sakai: I should not die without tasting his food atleast. I mean he's the last IRON CHEF 

This is not a very comprehensive list. I mean...  there are so many chefs whose food I want to taste and so many restaurants I want to go to. So wish me luck.
Waiting for some good food
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