Sunday, April 24, 2011

From one lazy sunday to the next

Ya Ya... Long time no see.
I dunno why I didn't write for so long. I mean. I wasn't doing anything particularly interesting, apart from the puzzle (I've almost completed one edge of the puzzle :D ) And the gossip girl episode was also not too interesting that I would be watching that all over again. Plus, I had a 3 day weekend. But then again, I didn't have anything interesting to write about.
I've just discovered that I have unlimited download on my broadband plan. So, I'm on a song downloading spree. :D
Apart from that, the modern family episode this week was hilarious. from start to finish. Haven't really ever talked about this show. But I really like this show. Reminds me of Arrested development.
I had a particularly heavy gujju (Gujarati) lunch at Soam today. And to top the awesome lunch, I had an awesome bowl of aam ras. Too divine it was. :D And I had that much required afternoon siesta to make the lunch a super duper success. :D

Oh... And we've got Hapus (Alphonsoes) Aren't they the best ever? I just love their smell and taste. Too good they are. Best Mangoes EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
And I've had two yesterday. And the Aam Ras today was made of Hapus. And I'm going to have one today.
I feel blessed. :)

Anyway, off to download some more music
Waiting for my next Hapus installment
The Rambler

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