Sunday, April 3, 2011


So India won... And what a win it was. Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I have been just drawn to the fact how Cricket can be such a team building factor. I mean, you can argue and agree over it.
Anyway, world cup got even a tennis addict like me interested. And it was so much fun.
I was watching it in the office the other day (Yes, the office... They had put up TVs) and it was the India Pakistan match and the entire office was there (Of course, they were having their lunch) and it was SIMPLY AWESOME!
Anyway, like I was saying... Cricket is awesome for team building. :) It is anyway in a cricket crazy country like India.
On another note, I feel like I have neglected poetry for long... so here goes. Not one of my best work... but nevertheless.

I stand on the terrace, silent and cold
I see the buildings, dominating and bold
I feel the wind, not stopping for me
Flowing without barriers, flowing so free

I see the sea link, decked up with light
I see the cars on it, look like without might
I feel the wind across my face, like the passing car
Which feels it as it travels near and far

I dare not look down, from so high up here
I dare to look far away to calm my fear
I dare to look at the chimney spewing fire
Located amidst the dark and thick concrete mire

I go back inside as my mother calls out my name
Away from comtemplation, and fear which can maim
And as I sit away from freedom, safe from height
I crave the contemplative cacophony of the night

The Rambler

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