Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Template

Yes...I know... I changed my blog template.
Yet again. Check out the link btw.
My blog looks so cool!!!!
Anyway, I just changed my blog look coz I got so bored of it. :D I guess I like change.
Tomorrow I meet Prajju! Fun times! :D
I am desperate for some gossip girl right now. I miss Chuck and Blair together and otherwise too much and I REALLY wanna see him chase her. Its been so long since he has chased her. Those were the fun happy times of season 1 and 2.
Anyway, high time I got to see some Blair Chuck action. I'm DYING here.
This pic is of one of my most favorite scenes of any TV show or movie. The other one being the Paris station scene from s04e02. The scene above... Its just so romantic. Sighhhhhhhhhhhh. And the station scene... I don't know if its Paris or Chuck or Blair or the gorgeous Oscar de la Renta that Blair is wearing or simply the chemistry between the two, but I JUST LOVE THAT SCENE!!!!! A pic:

To tell the truth, I like any scene which has Blair and Chuck in it. :P But that's a different story altogether.
In the meanwhile, I got a 3000 piece puzzle to keep me company. I have decided I am never going to finish it. I will either go crazy or grow old doing it and I don't think I can become crazier so, am giving it to my grandkids. :)

Waiting for the new Gossip Girl episode
The Rambler

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