Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New house, better luck?

Shifting done! More or less anyway.So, here I am at my new home. Typing away. My contribution to the shifting? zero...but don't tell my mom about it. :)
Anyway, I can see the sea link from my room. Its too windy in this house so all the balconies are rendered non functional during the evenings and the mid mornings. But the awesome terrace that this flat has... No sign of even a breeze there, while the gale tries to break down all the other windows in the house.
I have a huge dressing table in my room. I don't think I will need a chair to sit down in front of it and get ready. I can just sit on the table. :P
Well, I hope that this house gets me better luck. And I finally get into some school. The excruciating wait is just annoying and getting on my nerves more than anything else.
Waiting for the one admit that has my name
The Rambler

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