Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I had just gotten off my train at Dadar, when all of sudden, there were these shouts. And I saw these two men hurling abuses at each other. Being the gossip queen that I am (Modesty is a waste of effort here. ) I immediately recognized what had the potential of being an amazing fight sequence. Better than any of the shit Hollywood produces. Much like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth's fight in Bridget Jones' Diary. Part 1 and 2! (sighhhhhhhhhh Colin Firth <3. But more about that later. ) Anyway, just like I had predicted (Damn...why is no one there when one predicts such amazing things. ) the two men started fighting like a bunch of girls. One of them was bald, so sadly there was no hair pulling. Anyway, after the verbal abuse, one of the guys challenged the other one. And the other one must've said "Yeah, I did! SO WHAT?" So, this bald guy went and slapped the non bald guy. And yeah, it was a slap. Not a punch, but a girlie slap. :) I guess, I'll have to agree with Hugh Grant. When men fight, they fight like a bunch of bitchy little girls.
So, anyway, I was on the staircase when the fight started. All of us on the staircase stopped. And all of us on the staircase turned. And all of us on the staircase listened. And all of us on the staircase saw. I guess... you get the idea by now.
Anyway, the people surrounding the two new guys were shouting out loud. But not one...yes... NOT EVEN ONE was trying to break up the fight. I would rather think they were encouraging it.
I myself would've liked to stay longer and observed it. But, sadly I think, a train arrived at that very particular moment and some guy shouted "chalo chalo" Hindi for keep going. So, alas, I had to leave the very engaging scene. And get onto the crowded bridge and make way to the outside of the station.
But fun it was. :P
Anyway, I am sitting here, typing away, drinking sprite and with a presentation due tomorrow.
But I'm happy.
Waiting for my next girlie man fight
The Rambler

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