Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost at Dadar station

Ah well, its 12:07 and here I am. Writing about my train adventures.
Well, I got lost at dadar station today. I was supposed to get down the stairway and get to platform 1. But, i missed the staircase and went to the other stairway which has exits for platforms 3 to 8. But I eventually found my way to the intended platform. I got into my train and made my way to the office. So, all's well that ends well. Anyway, I gotta deal with my parents now since they got all worked up coz I told them that I ran and caught the train. The trials and tribulations of a single child.
My mom has got it in her head to get me married by 26. :-| Being equally adamant, I have decided to marry at 40. And not just that, I shall marry a young guy (Mainly so that I can bully him around :P). Me and my mom are still haggling though. We have currently arrived at 35. We shall resume tomorrow.
I should find some time to read my mails. I have i guess 2000+ unread messages in one mail and 100+ in another. Sigh. The curse of signing up for each and every newsletter and offer that comes across. I know... I should probably have more self restraint. But what the heck. I can just delete all my messages. :D
Which reminds me... My phone's inbox never seems to get full... which in turn reminds me I have kept my phone in my parents room with an alarm at 4:00 am. Now, I would never wake up to that alarm. So, it doesn't really bother me. But I think I should remove it from my parents room. Sigh. I miss hostel life. I didn't really have to worry about waking anyone up. Everyone was such a deep sleeper. And in most cases, people were usually awake at that time. :(
Anyway, I shall go now.
Off to sneak into my parents room to retrieve my charging phone
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