Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ah well, I have decided to learn to cook now. It maybe a passing whim. But I am going to do it. So menu for tonight is Chicken with mushroom sauce and for the next weekend Macarons. :D
God Save my parents. :-|
Ah well, hopefully I should be able to come up with something tasty and which looks decent.
Anyway, I have decided to end my years in the dark world wher I don't know how to cook. And so it is. My parents will be the ones trying out my experiments. My condolences to them.
I have been known to love food most of my life. (yeah, there was a time when I was skinny and I hated eating. ) However, when it comes to cooking, sadly, I have shown my skills to be terrible. I mean, I know I make horrible coffee and I make poor Lakshmy (who is used to the comfort of filter coffee) drink it.
So now, the great new era has dawned. I shall become a super awesome chef. Prolly participate in masterchef and top chef. Or maybe not.
Anyway, to cook, I shall learn.
Right now is my research stage.
I am searching for good (and easy) chicken in mushroom sauce recipes. I tried looking up a Gordon Ramsey recipe, but it was too high funda for me. Sigh, if only good tasters were also good cooks. But alas...
Anyway, back to looking up recipes.
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