Thursday, March 24, 2011

after a long time

Well, I know I am posting after a long time. Not my fault. Actually it is my fault, but I am trying to make some lame excuse if I can come up with it.
Anyway, I got lost at the station today. I also forgot where the first class compartment was, so I had to get into the second class compartment. No worries though. Not too many people wanted to get into the train. I guess it was coz it was only going to Dadar.
Anyway, I have noticed that a lot of people carry Blackberries in the train. Nice!
Also, stations and trains seem to be this place where couples meet, chit chat, go for a walk (in the train or station and not the proverbial park). Good for them I guess. This is what space constraints in a crowded city like Bombay does to you.
I have just realized that I haven't written poetry for a long time. A very long time. Sigh. This weekend then. Anyway, my plans for making macarons have been postponed to next weekend since my mom said my ingredients for macarons would disrupt her domestic expense plans. Plus, she doesn't trust me to make macarons. What hard times!
I was watching the top 10 diners on TLC (My absolutely favoritest channel EVER!) yesterday and I realized with shame that I still hadn't completed the list of my top chefs. Sigh. So many things to do. So little time.
I have begun compiling a list of books that I wanna read. The list already runs to some 10 pages long and I am nowhere near completing it. Of course those 10 pages are from my diary, but my diary ain't minuscule, so the list is PRETTY DAMN LONG. (Reminds me of a gossip girl line on PDA, but nevermind.)
Which reminds me its been so long since I have re-watched any of the gossip girl episodes. I wanna, but I am really not sure whether the show is family friendly or not. :P
Anyway, It returns, April 18th I think and Chuck will be chasing Blair. I am so gonna love it!!!!!!

After that digressiveness, let me come back to books. Aren't they the best things ever? I am currently reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the book is just so poetic. The poverty, the war, everything has a certain... let's say romance in it. I know, the book is extremely sexist. But then, I quite like it. Thank you Rameez for the book!
Anyway, I shall return to watching the match on my new HD TV. :D
The TV is the only reason I am watching the cricket match. I'd rather watch Tennis. Talking of tennis...Somdev Devarraman... good going!
And I absolutely hate Djokovic for defeating Nadal in the finals.:-|
Waiting for Chuck to chase Blair
The Rambler

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