Sunday, January 30, 2011

House Hunting and Sleeping in the Car

First of all, I HATE house hunting. It hurts my legs, especially when I am wearing heels. It hurts my neck, from all the sleeping in the car. And its just plain boring to look at house after house after house!!!!
Secondly, I LOVE Einaudi and Eluveitie. Ok...I don't know why I put that there, but I just wanted to mention it. And they are awesome to listen to during the train journey from CST to Chembur.
I don't really have much to write. But I am waiting for food to come. I have this huge craving for Mughlai food. So that's why we are having roomali rotis and some chicken and some vegetable prep.
Too much of a foodie I am becoming... sigh :( what to do?
The other day I had these awesome Vada Paus from Jumbo king. Very spicy, but so very tasty.
Anyway, my stomach is grumbling now. I have work to do. Why does work never end?
I've decided. I am retiring at 40 and getting married. That's it. And Maybe adopting one of those cute Hutch Dogs. Or a bear that looks like Balloo. Whichever's available.
Its cold today. Its cold almost everyday. Maybe its coz of the sea. The sound of the sea against the sound of the keyboard with Einaudi playing is the most awesome sound mix EVER!!!!!
Ah well, I should get back to work. And so should all of you who are wasting time looking at my blog.

I have nothing new to say
I have work to do today
I am hungry as ever
This poem ain't so clever

More of rhymes, less of thought
Ideas? I got naught
I could write about Einaudi
But I got nothing. Si?

Ah well, I will around the house prance
Maybe watch, Dance India Dance
Maybe the food will come fast too
And I won't have to bore you

I finally finish this poem and the post
Reading this you fell off asleep at the most
Hopefully you won't come after me with a dagger
I leave thee to peace, xoxo, The Rambler

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