Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sadly, the laws of Physics apply to me

I have started office and I have been busy with work…Doesn’t it show? I have been posting much less lately… Ah well, I ain’t that busy. It’s just that I have been travelling by trains and I get terribly tired.
Anyway, fun things have been happening in my life. And fun things don’t refer to my orange nail paint. It refers to actual fun things. I have been hanging out with my friend Prajju and been going phoenixing. Oh yeah…I am promoting Phoenix Mills. I LOVE THAT PLACE.
And then I went Bandra… but I didn’t go crazy and buy everything I could. Partly because of my awesome restraint and partly because I ran out of money. And then Prajju and I discovered that we weren’t half as bad at bargaining. We got shoes worth 450 bucks for 150 bucks. Actually when the guy agreed, we were kinda taken aback and looked at him questioningly. But hey… we are improving. The other day out with my cousin Mimi, I bought a red pendant with a chain and “I” bargained and brought its price down from 220 to 100. I don’t think I’ve seen my mom so proud. Not even when I stood first in class. :)
Oh, I just read the beginning of this post and I remembered my fall out of the train. My first day on the train from Churchgate to Lower Parel. I was supposed to get down at Lower Parel. I knew about inertia. I understood the physics perfectly in my head. And yet, when I was supposed to get down at the station, I assumed I was immune to those laws. And what was supposed to happen did happen. I fell out. In hindsight the sight was damn funny. But I was soooo embarrassed at that moment. I had this brown white patch on my new Allen Solly pants and I was flat on the ground with a laptop on my back. A sardarji and a lady in the train looking at me and I suppose thinking what an idiot of a girl. You know what, the worst part was that the compartment was empty and I had fallen out of the train because of stupid dreamy me.
Ah well, atleast I wait nowadays before alighting.
I couldn’t even tell my parents else all my train trips would’ve been cancelled.
Gladly, my mom did not notice the stain on my new pants. :)
Anyway, travelling by trains is fun. The other day, I almost witnessed a cat fight between this old lady and a college girl over the aisle seat. I am just happy to get a seat. I don’t care which one it is. I prefer windows though. The wind in your face…too good. Must’ve been a bitch in my previous life. :P
In other news, we have been house hunting. Our landlord’s thrown us out since he wants to sell his house off. He must definitely be crazy. Has he even looked at the house? The view? Moron.
Anyway, so we have been house hunting with “Louly ome”. That’s how our real estate agent pronounces “Lovely Home”. Anyway, the guy is hell bent on us making this old building our new home. I don’t like it. Is too flashy. Looks like a hotel. But, what the hell? I am hardly at home. So it is upto mummy to decide. I JUST DON’T WANNA LEAVE CUFFE PARADE. I like the strong breeze in the lobby. And I like South Bombay. I like Marine Drive and I like looking at the sea and Queen’s Necklace before I go to sleep. And snooty as it may sound, I like saying Cuffe Parade. ARGHHHH.
Anyway, this has been a long post. I should go do some work. There is justin beiber playing at my work place. Someone’s ring tone. Blah. He seems to be more girly than me. Beiber that is. I don’t even know who owns the ring tone.
BTW, owe me two treats :P. And Sneha, Pls get me some gossip. I am dying here!!!!!
Waiting for the new house and a train ride back home
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