Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Need to remember I have a first class train pass

The other day, I was supposed to go to my office. I hadn't been to my office for quite some days and hence promptly forgot that I had a first class pass to that station.
The going to office train ride was pretty OK. I mean I got into the second class, but I got in at the terminal station, so I got a window seat and all.
But the coming back journey. Oh god...Please don't ever make me forget that I have a first class pass. I got poked and pushed and shoved and I was carrying a heavy laptop!!!!!
I have no idea whose toes I stepped on or who I did all of the above actions to. But then again the very women who had shoved me into the inner depths of the train regretted it (HAH!!!!)
Anyway, I got a seat the moment the train started. So that was pretty cool and I really wanted to smirk and put my tongue out and say "That's for poking me lady"
But being the nice, good mannered girl that I am, I stayed put and tried calling my mom who for some reason kept on cutting my call before I finished saying whatever thing I wanted to say. I know I can be a bit boring at times but NOT THAT BORING! (I found out later, she couldn't get signal, so all is forgiven :P)
Apart from this, train has also improved my hitherto non understandable Hindi. YAY!!!
I bet I can speak better Hindi than Malvika. :P Maybe not as fast, but definitely better.
In other news, Nadal is out of the Australian Open and so are my hopes of seeing a Rafa Slam. Dammit, why did he have to catch that stupid flu... >.<
Extremely depressed I am today. Have been hugging Balloo and Bambi since it happened. Not that I don't do otherwise. Its just that I have a reason now to do so now. :)
Anyway, I shall be off.
Waiting for the Rafa Slam and my next train journey
The Rambler

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