Friday, January 7, 2011

crazy week

Its been crazy...this week. Next week is going to be even more crazy...sigh :(
Don't have much to write. Don't have the time either. Got a headache. Have to take a bath.
Am tired... But have applications to finish, exams to give, essays to write, results to get.
BAD BAD time
on top of horoscope says I am getting fat...Must be true...Am staying away from the hostel food at home. 
Life's good, Life's bad
Not just a passing fad
Maybe it'll be better tomorrow
Right now, I need a soft sweet pillow
Maybe a hot water shower
To give this tired body some power
I feel like a squished fruit
that has been walked over with a boot
A boot with high heels
Boot that keels
Yes, I am tired, as you can see
I think I should go and pee
Let me now go and find a tumbler
xoxo, The Rambler

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