Friday, March 14, 2008

random thoughts................ before an exam

tomorrow is my eg midsem. for those of you out there who have no clue whatsoever about what i'm stands for engineering drwing where one has to imagine the 3d shape from the 2d. well....that's most of the part, and i'm not sitting here to explain the entire eg course prescribed to us...
people reading this please wish me good luck. i need it.
nishith won tycoons'08. apart from the other stuff he got, he gets to visit us universities and won a scholarship for his entire post graduation that's simply amazing. actually being able to study in any university of your choice without having to worry about scholarships!!!!! kudos to him for winning tycoons'08. my heartiest congratulations to you.
everyone please do congratulate him.
back to eg....
i have my midsems tomorrow.....
i think i've already mentioned that. today i had coffee in the mess after a very long time. it was just as bad. no improvement in the standard of coffee. even the noodles were bad today. i didn't enjoy it.
yesterday, rameez chased a pink balloon around during the physics lecture....must have been a funny sight.
liza was trying to hit someone with a balloon. she told shridhar to stand as her target. as luck would have it, he ducked. poor poor liza. her precious orange water filled balloon burst as soon as it hit the ground. poor poor water filled balloon....such a short lived life.
today, i was trying to perfect raman's motor skills....was fun....but then after sometime, i felt too lazy to move my hand.....was too much work...
btw, pradeep tried his hand in reading mine. i am supposed to be good at workshop.....i used to hate workshop......hate it from the bottom of my heart.....i dunno how am i supposed to be good at it? and after a lot of palm reading, we(me and shruti) concluded that my destined career is that of an art critic......yup, i'm going to squat and "appreciate" paintings....
time to go back to eg.
signing off
waiting to begin my destined career
the rambler

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