Saturday, March 15, 2008

capitalism vs socialism..........strictly my view, not meant to offend anyone

while socialism is parasitic and symbiotic in nature, capitalism thrives on the motto: one for oneself. i, personally feel that a capitalist society is a much better place to live in than a socialist one for the simple reason that you and only you can enjoy the fruits of your labor or intelligence. the ideology may sound materialistic and shallow, but, i firmly believe that no other person should have a right to access and use your money, without your liking. i would certainly dislike my earnings, the ones that i earned through diligent and sincere work on my part to be squandered among people, people whom i bear no relation to or owe no liability to.the propounder, activist and supporter of a socialist society might argue that a socialist society can lead to interests and creativity being diverted from money making schemes to literary, artistic and musical endeavors. but, i beg to differ. these pursuits can be carried out alongside your monetary goals. paraphernalia maybe close to a person's heart because of all the hardwork gone into acquiring it.they are like trophies which signify success at a particular endeavor, and are meant to be flaunted. my friend feels that while socialists are parasites, capitalists are hungry sharks. she feels that it is easy to support the idea of capitalism when one belongs to the better off section of the society, that is when one is in a comfortable position. but in the pathos of destitution, socialism would be a welcome form of society. but, can one really accept another person looking down at him at thinking,"this man is feasting off my money. the only reason that he is alive today is me!!!!". isn't the condescending attitude of others towards a person ahuge blow to that person's self esteem?
capitalism can spur in people the desire to do well for themselves. it can lead to a much more educated and literate society, a society orientated towards progress; personal and therefore the entire society's. the situation leads to the condition of survival of the fittest; a situation where one is forced to bring out the best in oneself in order to survive in the race.
i do agree that the motto,"one for oneself" of capitalism is not completely just. feelings of compassion should be present for one's near and dear ones. they should certainly be helped because they will be the ones who will be present at the the time of your need. i also think that humanity should be an important aspect of one's character. one should definately try and provide opportunities for the underprivileged.
socialism is a boon for those who do not capitalize on the opportunities knocking at their doors, but a bane for those who do. socialism can lead to stagnation in the society, with only a few people working for the greater good and the rest reaping the rewards of the work done by someone else. capitalism on the other hand can lead to a spirit of healthy competition and can lead one away from the darkness of a stagnant society to the light of a progressive one.
despite of my support of capitalism over socialism, there are some aspects of capitalism that could be done away with. for me the ideal society would be a capitalist one with the better elements of socialism infused and the worse elements of capitalism extrapolated.
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waiting for my ideal society
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very well put, i totally second your opinion.

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