Thursday, March 13, 2008

bored part 2

was going to write about waves, but right now don't have the patience or the .......well patience to describe it all, so am going to stick to this nice sweet small description of waves and then move on to the grander scheme of things.
well, coll's culfest took place from 6 to 8 march...
it was fun. i won a competion too. poets at play. all thanks to venkatesh. i went to workshops too. dance, mocktail making and tile painting. was fun.... was different. got a tattoo and mehendi. ate....thats an integral part of college fests isn't it?...
ya thats about it...don't expect me to write about the colleges that visited and the events that took place...i'm not that jobless. today is soumya's b'day. happy b'day soumya. yesterday was adya's b'day, she took us out for a treat. we went to rangoli and stuffed ourselves.
my hand hurts, its all that stupid mouse's fault. the comp i was sitting at at the cc just refused to move properly. it was so irritating.
i have to do eg. have got my midsems on saturday. and then am going home on thursday. yahoooooooooooooooo............
life's boring.....i'm bored...lets play attack of the dots again.....................................................................................
yup, i'm very very bored.
sigtia's giving shruti and liza guitar lessons right now. i missed my guitar classes yesterday.
i'm sooooooo bored, i'm actually writing about other people instead of obsessing over myself. venkatesh and siddharth were supposed to have a eating competition today. today its chole bature for dinner. lets see who wins. i think maybe siddharth chickened out.
i gave liza a treat yesterday for helping me out in phy.....she's nice and a wonderful prankster.....we have a lot of fun. she's a great source of gossip too.
ever been on freerice? go and check it out. wonderful site.
i'm going home
to the place where i belong......
yup, i do feel like singing daughtry's home..
ever heard bad day by daniel powter? amazing song...
btw, regarding waves, we had junkyard groove on the last day of waves.....they were so good. i thoroughly enjoyed their performance. they were simply amazing....
i'm so bored that i am actually stating out my likes and dislikes?????
i can't believe that this is happening....
life's so boring....
i just wrote these four lines.....
i really like them, will probably work on them when i'm free.

right through the pathway
swift past the wind
a beauty to behold
in the garb of a fiend.

another set:

the world is being pushed right to the brink
bereft of compassion, empathy and zeal
it is nothing more than a comedy to those who think
nothing less than a tragedy for those who feel.

now, i'm bored once back has also started hurting now. my mom would probably say "aopatali duggarani". go and figure it out. i'm not giving out the meaning.
ever heard the bengali term "neka"? no dialect or language in the world has any word that is equivalent to the essence of the word "neka"....
i cover such a wide range of topics when i'm bored. a lazy mind is a wandering workshop.
rachana has just entered my room and she is blabbering as she usually does. and she is not letting me express my views. she is curbing my freedom of expression and i will too tired and lazy to do it now
priya thinks i'm going i've gone mad
sneha is thinking of starting a new hub on dc so that she can read everyone's pm.
rachana's refusing to leave my room in fear of what i may type about her.
and rachana says that she's going to delete the blog about me after i post this post.
ya look who's talking rachana......about long posts....rachana's so thin, she and me actually fit in a chair without me having to move an inch....
i've finished packing and i'm absolutely jobless now......
that's all folks
remember bugs bunny.....he was really funny, though my favourite still remains tom and jerry
rachana's accompanying me for dinner
signing off
waiting(desperately) to be back home
the rambler

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