Tuesday, March 4, 2008

brilliant bullshit.......not that brilliant.....more random

that is a term that lakshmy frequently uses and over time i have learnt to appreciate its value and its true deep meaning and significance. the post that i am currently going to spread out is a true example of the deep hidden meaning of that truly versatile term.
today we were supposed to get our mess coupons. after succesfully getting a guy to get them for me, rachana took us for a treat at the insti cafe(atleast i hope that it was a treat). we had bournvita and plain dosa. there were four of us. me, rachana, liza and shruti. being the absolutely jobless souls that we were, we started discussing the various clubs that exist in my college. and that brought us to the main topic of our discussion and a prominent content of this post. we decided to start the ugly ducklings club. and for that the following would be the qualifying qualities:-
1.must have ten or more pimples or spots on the face
2.must have dandruff on her head
3.must have an atrocious dressing sense
4. should have baths after a gap of a minimum of 4 days
5.should have a dirty and unkempt room(i was the first one to qualify for this and then rachana)
6.should either be very fat or be extremely thin
that's about it.....
well, after this serious discussion, all of us trooped out of the ic and went to take part in our respective competitons(well, with waves coming up, people with even the slightest sense of fun take part in events). well, me and shruti and lakshmy took part in dumbcharades. and we were competing with a lot of other groups, but we were mainly trying to beat gary, rameez and pradeep at it, by getting the movie, song, book and personality faster than they could. eventually though they managed to get it faster, but i still feel that they got an easier set. and no, i'm not acting like a sore loser, i am one. and i would've liked to whine but, i've got to write other random stuff down too.
then me and venkatesh went for poets at play. we wrote(well, it was mostly his idea, i just gave a line maybe...) about this old guy who has measles on his bum and sprains in his stomach and mumps in his throat. that also reminds me that today i wrote my first non depressing piece of poetry, and guess what the topic was????
being the narcissistic being that i am, i wrote on myself and will be putting it up today.
btw, we were able to complete the given set for dumbc within the given time limit. dumbc is definately not a career option.
well,.....thats all that happened today...
nothing interesting, just a page out of my daily life at the campus.
i'm bored and sleepy and tired and wanna just junp into bed and lie there.
maybe will......
btw, i went to anjuna and wagatore(amazing landscapes)....was great fun....was this group of around 50. i still can't forgive siddharth for the climb up to the fort....my legs are still hurting. but it was a really well spent day. and i had lots of fun.
i feel that i haven't done justice to the topic of my post, especially the brilliant part.
well, then maybe i should ask lakshmy for pointers.....
she can talk and write brilliant bullshit and you will listen to her and read what she writes as if it is the most fascinating thing that you have ever heard or read.....
maybe i should work on my jokes to try and get into the podiatrist club.....
maybe i should stop writing now and go to sleep....
signing off
waiting to join the ugly ducklings club
the rambler

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