Saturday, March 15, 2008

how to go about cleaning a dirty room......and then some other stuff

yup, the great is going to give lessons on how to go about cleaning your room.......
i'm a self taught expert on this topic, very much like a self inducted member into the udc(thats ugly duckling club for those of you who dare not read my blog)...
was going to talk about shortage of money, but rachana already wrote about that....and i could never make mine that funny.
actually i was supposed to clean my room today, going home tomorrow. i usually clean my room before going home, so that i don't regret coming back. i seem to have lost my mom's neatness gene during the replication process. yup, i do pay attention during my bio class, even though my bio sir's talking works much better than sleep itself. or maybe my mom's gene is recessive....hah....i know more bio...
anyway,...back to cleaning rooms....will do it. have finished packing though.
cleaning rooms, first pick up all ur clothes and push them into the wardrobe. then start sweeping and throw the dirt and wrappers and pen caps and any other paraphernalia lying on the floor(don't forget to collect the coins lying on the floor), to get people out of their rooms. then they will eventually snatch the broom from your hand and do the work for you. well, it works for sometime till everyone wisens up and then you have to get ecoclean people to do it for you.
yup thats about it.
u might want to fold the clothes if you are a cleanliness freak.....
there's actually nothing much to write about this.....atleast not at 6:30 in the morning.
there's no water in the hostel....its so damn frustating. no water, no electricity, heat......very soon they can start a military regime for us.....that'll be sooooo much fun.
i'm hungry right now......
i still have to finish cleaning my room. will do it today(hopefully).
people are leaving today for their homes....i'm leaving tomorrow. even eg evaluation was cancelled. the sole reason for my staying here till tomorrow is also gone.
btw, i gave lakshmy a haircut. she looked very pretty.
lakshmy gave gary a haircut. gary said that he looked very pretty.
had coconut water yesterday. was insufficient.
its so hot in goa.....can't survive in the lt's. they should cancel all lecture's. anyway most of the kids(or are they adults now?) don't attend.
i'm going home tomorrow.....hope to have fun...
i'm soooooo hungry right now......i could eat a horse....if it tastes good.
i hope the breakfast is decent.
venkatesh hurt his foot. he found out how popular he was. apparently some 30 people came to visit him while he was there at the hospital...his response to pain.....laughter. the nurse thought that he was some specimen nutcase.
k....i'm seriously bored now...
am finishing this post
signing off...
waiting for tomorrow
the rambler

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