Tuesday, March 4, 2008


A little mischief
A little fun

A lot of bitchin

On my run

A lot of love

For those I care

A lot of hate for those

who against me dare

Love to write

Hate to play

Like to read

Hate a bright day

Fascinated by death

Dislike pretences

Love to hate

Adore silences

True to myself

Others, maybe not

Will fight

For what I sought

Lazy to the core

Work, I hate

Hardly ever clean

My room, always late

Love to eat

Hate to fast

Am probably fat

That thought doesn’t last

Pick up a fight

For no rhyme

Can always fight

Anywhere, anytime

Hate hypocrisy

Love honesty

Hate mediocrity

Not much into modesty

Thats me

And me it is

Thats’s all folks

Don’t give this read a miss

The Rambler


MadaintI said...

hey..that was just u ..

MadaintI said...

u asked me to turn off moderation..
y the hell have u put it on..????

The Tentacles of Thought said...

Wherez d part abt u being a scholiflower.