Monday, January 9, 2012

Why is it not cold?

Ok... I am not complaining. I am just wondering out loud... Why is it not cold? Its supposed to be snowing now. We are reaching the middle of January and I don't see a single snowflake. I reiterate, I am not complaining. I like warm weather... Heck, I am in love with it. But I was just curious to see snow. The last time I saw snow was at Jungfrau in Switzerland. And that was quite some time back. I have since stayed in rather warm environs. No wonder, I can't stand the cold much.
Anyway, woke up at 7 today to find that it was still dark. Stayed up till 8 to find that it was still dark. Gave up hope of seeing light today and its 9 now and finally the world has lit up.
Thinking of getting some work done before the day goes to a complete waste
Getting ready for the day
The Rambler


me said...

U should simply come back to Switzerland than. We still got some snow left over here (at least in higher areas. Down here it's all green too I'm afraid).

pandemonium said...

I should! Sigh