Thursday, January 26, 2012

Celebrating republic day with khichdi and hindi songs :)

So, Happy Republic day to all my fellow Indians. A day to be proud. I celebrated it by making Khichdi and listening to Hindi songs. :) Reminded me of home. Khichdi is one of those things you have when its cold or rainy. Especially on a holiday. So, was nice.
Anyway, I have taken to cooking in a big way. Like a really big way. I like cooking. It relaxes me. Pasta is kind of my staple dinner item coz its easy to make. But then I really miss Indian food. So, have started making that. Have made fried rice, dal and as of today khichdi. So... quite awesome. And since it saves me money, it appeals to the big stingy person inside me.
Plus, I end up cooking with people. So, its a nice way to meet and mix with people.

I don't know how much of the blogging I'll be able to do this term. I am really trying hard to be regular with my posts. But, as you can see, I've already been slack this past week, with this post coming in quite late. I am going to try to make atleast one post a week. But I can't promise anything.
I am trying to make a lot of other better decisions in my life too. Like eating healthy, getting some exercise. Studying to do well in the course. Working hard at everything. Sleeping at the right times and more importantly waking up at the right times. And trying not to shop too much (Though I am failing horribly at it!)
I also plan to pen at least one piece of poetry per month. My poetry book has been lying neglected for so long!
Also, I like my new short hair. So, I am thinking of keeping it short again. I know my mom will be very disappointed, but I REALLY like it!
Anyway, this post was supposed to be about India... And look at me. I have turned it into a post of resolutions which in most probability will be broken. No wonder I am a rambler.

Guess what? I am listening to the Dhoom title song!!!! I have put on this random playlist of hindi songs. And they are playing all these hindi songs. Its so awesome! Reminds me of these different ages when I heard all these songs. Reminds me of the different events of that time. The different friends. The different crushes. DO NOT ask me to sing these songs. Coz I will definitely get them wrong. The lyrics I mean. I know the tunes by heart. I don't exactly know why that is though.

Being Indian is a great feeling isn't it? I was just telling my Kenyan housemate about the Republic Day. I felt quite proud saying I am an Indian. Even with all its problems, India is quite kickass. :D
I should try and be like India. Totally kickass. :D
So, anyway, like I said, Happy Republic day. To India, the country which gave me the songs whose tunes will always remain with me. To the nation which gave me almost everything and everyone I know today. Cheers to the country where I was born!
Signing off
A proud Indian
The Rambler

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