Saturday, January 7, 2012

Joys of the early morning tea

I sit on the chair at six in the morning
Groggy eyed, half asleep me
And yet with rapt attention I smell
The whiff of the early morning tea

Is there anything better than the early morning tea? A hot cup of the Darjeeling. The first flush. Isn't it just heaven? I mean, what's better to wake you up and get you going for the rest of the day. And all those caffeine addicts out there, DO NOT SAY COFFEE!
I am NOT a coffee person. It does not help me stay awake ever. Everytime I  have coffee, I end up falling asleep. Plus, I need copious amounts of saccharine in my coffee. On the other hand, I like to enjoy my tea without milk and very little sugar.
Yes, I am a tea addict. And proudly so. I think it runs in the family. Which is a good thing.
And I am probably going to write about the late evening tea as well.
Anyway, need to stop romanticizing the tea and get some work done. Oh, and you did guess correctly. I was enjoying my cup of early morning tea while writing this. Tea does bring out the poet in me.
Till my next cup of tea
The Rambler
P.S. The Darjeeling tea is Oolong even though it is marketed as Black. Fun fact of the day!

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