Monday, January 16, 2012


Seen the BBC show Sherlock? If you haven't, I command you to stop reading this post and go see the show first. Else, you will not understand why I am so crazy about it.
The show is brilliant! It has to be the best that the tv has to offer right now. I love Sherlock Holmes, I love Dr. Watson and I also love Moriarty. I actually like the showman Moriarty compared to the silent and brooding Dr. Moriarty from the original by Conan Doyle. I like how Moriarty creates drama and has a sense of showmanship about him. Take the latest episode for instance. How he creates all that ruckus at the Bank of England and the Pentonville prison and at the tower of London and just wears the crown and the robe and just sits there waiting for authorities to arrive and take him away... Just awesome fun. And such a tease!
And Sherlock!!! OMG. I was not as much a fan of the Conan Doyle version as I am of this guy. I mean, both of them are obviously super intelligent and all. But Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes was old and wise types and Benedict Cumberbatch is actually crushable. I love it when he looks at a person and figures it all out. :-) I want Benedict Cumberbatch as my boyfriend. Think he'll agree?
And I like Dr. Watson too. Absolutely perfect companion for Sherlock. And the last episode, I really liked it how he told Mycroft off.  Was super awesome!
But Season 2 is all over now. Sigh...
On the bright side, Sherlock is returning for a third season. Though, I will have to wait another year to find out how Sherlock faked his own death. I am going to truly and utterly miss you Sherlock. Come back soon. :-(
And seriously, those of you who haven't seen the show, go now... watch the first season and then the second season. Own it on DVD. Its one of those things you should keep. Absolutely fantastic!
Off to dream about Sherlock
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