Sunday, July 3, 2011


Nadal used to bite the Wimbledon trophy. All Djokovic did was eat grass from center court.
Yes... I am depressed and whiny that Nadal lost the match. Too terrible it is. And he didn't play how he usually plays. Sniffle.
I am too depressed to write right now. Just finished watching one of the more boring episodes of Gossip Girl on Zee Cafe. Well, I know what happens in the next episode and it is a very interesting one. :-) (Hint: Piano)
Anyway, I am off to bed now prolly.
Why did Nadal have to lose? Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Here's a picture of Nadal with 9 of his Grand Slams (Only French Open 2011 is missing):

Hoping that Nadal keeps winning them till I can afford a Wimbledon ticket
The Rambler

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