Friday, July 15, 2011

The Boy who Lived. Come to Die.

So... It all finally comes to an end.
Harry Potter. The boy who lived. Come to die. Well not quite so. He did live to tell the late and did end up killing voldy.
Quite a money making franchise this was. Starting right from the books. I think anyone who's been associated with this has ended up well. Well, maybe not the first few Dumbledores. But eh... everyone else certainly did.
Anyway, I caught the first day second show. First show was at 8:30 am. :-|
I don't think I'm meant to see the first day first show ever. :-(
Anyway, the movie was great. It was waaaaaaaayyy better than all the other previous movies combined together. I mean... yeah... they were a few differences with the book. (Actually I am not sure about the differences since it was so long back that I had read those Harry Potter books) But anyway, the movie was very very good. And I loved Snape. Sir Alan Rickman. :-* The entire sequence of Snape's memories with Snape and Lily was the best part about the movie. And Of course Neville killing Nagini. Oh... And when Molly went "Not my daughter, you bitch" and did away with Lestrange, the theater exploded in applause.
All in all... A good ending. Well the ending I didn't like. But then, I didn't like the ending in the movie itself. But the rest of it was very nice. And the cinematography was simply superb.
Anyway, go watch!
Still saying bubye to the phenomena that Harry Potter was
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