Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gymming, eating, studying and all that blah

Yeah... I started gymming again. I don't know what possessed me to do so. And I am pretty sure my trainer has a secret agenda to kill me. I don't know what different thing he makes me do but by the end of a 40 minute workout, I'm all out. Sigh... The things I do to make my parents stop complaining about the fact that I am getting fat.

Anyway, I have been wondering how absolutely and marvelously wonderful it would be to a food and travel guide. Yeah... I was laying on the bed today in my favorite lazy position and watching something on Travel and Living. And I wondered, why I was working so hard to study and all, when I could just be a food guide. I mean... I love eating. And hopefully that should be the only qualifying criteria, right? Lessee how this plan goes. Maybe after I finish with my studies. :-)
And yeah... I should be studying and all that and not wasting my time on blogging. But c'mon, how could I deprive all those beloved people out there on the internet who are so religiously following my blog. Okay... No one's following my blog. But then, I'm quite bored. And this is kinda fun. As fun as fun gets on a thursday early evening, which incidentally despite being quite bright and sunny has given me terrible cold and cough. The other "fun" option would be to sit and kill ants coming out of my laptop. Yes... ants. My laptop is full of them.

Anyway, I shall be on my way now. Gotta find something useful to do one of these days. Eventually.
The nariyal paani guy did not show up today. :(
Off to have a fight fest with the ants
The Rambler

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