Monday, July 11, 2011

I hate you (Like I love you)

So... I finally saw Delhi Belly, the English version. Have been meaning to go for it for a long time. And I really liked it. One of the very few Hindi movies I've liked. The movie was such good fun. And I fell out of my chair laughing. So did my dad. :P
Now I waiting to download the movie. :)
Yeah... I pretty much download anything I feel like nowadays. :)
Anyway, got loads to study. :( All I've been doing this afternoon is watching Delhi Belly songs on you tube, reading up on Le 15 Patisserie and applying and sniffing Tiger Balm (which btw, smells absolutely wonderful) So, I take your leave now and atleast try and study.
Off for some study and songs and Nariyal paani
The Rambler

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