Saturday, June 11, 2011

X Men First Class and James McAvoy

I just came back home after watching X Men First Class. It was too good. It was also my first X Men movie. I mean I've seen bits and parts of the previous movies on TV. Mostly coz of Hugh Jackman. And I did go to see this movie mostly coz of James McAvoy. But then, I loved the movie. It was absolutely marvelous.
And have I ever told you how much I absolutely adore James McAvoy? I don't know why. But I think... no I'm quite certain I have a huge crush on him. And I don't know why.
Anyway, in case you are a James McAvoy fan too, watch Penelope and Atonement. I have Becoming Jane too. But I haven't seen it as yet. Therefore, shan't recommend it right now.
Anyhow, go watch X Men First Class. Is quite awesome. I need to get hold of the other X Men movies now.
Off to dream about James McAvoy
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