Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just nothing

Well, the rains went and came back again. Its wonderful again. I refused to post anything on my blog till the rains didn't come back. Nyah, nothing like that. I was feeling lazy. As usual. Anyway, done with my project for my internship. Just 4 more working days left for my internship. And that too shall pass. Eventually. Gotta start working on my 3000 piece puzzle in the meanwhile.
Did I tell you? The entire thing fell down. :( All the hardwork wiped away with a gust of wind. Sigh. Had to build the entire thing again.
Oh... and seen this new location thing? I can actually post where I am posting from. So cool! Damn! It should've come when I was in Goa too.
Anyway, I don't have anything particularly important or worthwhile to say. There has been a major increase in the number of women criticizing "blondes" as other women generally like to refer to them as. But I really don't know what the hype is about? I know I get bored if I am stuck with them for more than an hour (And I am a very patient person). But I don't get why anything they do pisses other people off. Everyone has a right to do what they want and all that blah. And I guess everyone has a right to say what they want also. But seriously, if it annoys you SO much, then just don't add them to your facebook account or wherever on the internet they are pissing you off. So Simple no? I am pretty much a genius.
Speaking of no... Nadal won :D :D He's the second youngest to win his tenth grand slam. Will do. I don't mind. As long as he keeps winning them until I can afford a Wimbledon ticket. A more interesting fact about Nadal... He's the first tennis player to model for Armani. He replaced Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham... I think. Anyway, a photo:
Too hot no? Check out the Armani jeans video too. 
Off to watch easy virtue now. God... I love Colin Firth.
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